The Garage Brewery lowrider and building
The Garage Brewery barrels
Garage Brewery Confused beer
the garage brewery grand opening

The Garage Brewery is a 7 barrel microbrewery located in the heart of the Greenbrier area in Chesapeake, Virginia. At the center of the business is Ulyana Gomez, a local entrepreneur and investor, but more importantly, a lover of craft beer. She has been enthusiastic about craft beer since entering her first craft brewery 5 years ago. Since then, Ulyana has been developing the idea of starting her own brewery to one day contribute and instigate growth into the community. In 2019 her dream came true with the conception and opening of The Garage Brewery. Ulyana is dedicated to enriching the community and supplying beer lovers with delicious brews and an open, friendly environment.

Kelsey on top of fermenter tank


Kelsey, a former United States Navy sailor, began crafting beers and developing ideas for a variety of different styles that would adhere to tradition and break the norm at the same time. He joined The Garage Brewery team as head brewer in 2018.

Will in front of fermenter tank


Our assistant brewer, Will, is a former music teacher. His love of problem-solving and exploration inspired his move to this diverse industry of craft beer a few years ago and he was brought to the Garage family in 2019. You will likely see him behind the bar serving as a beer tender.